In the following sections we present information about the conditions of submitting materials to Pauker Printing House and GMN-Prest Repro that we formulated in response to customer requirements, based on our experience of many years, to eliminate errors found in the submitted material. By introducing the PDF/X-4 standard, our goal is to avoid fundamental errors in the submitted files which would adversely affect the quality and completion time of the job.

With files created according to the PDF/X-4 standard, issues stemming from incorrect color separation (unsuitable in regard to the parameters of the end product) can be averted. It is unfortunate that such errors are rather common in the majority of jobs submitted to us. For this reason, we recommend using the PDF/X-4 format, which does not impose any extra costs on the company, and is easy to use without having to install any additional applications if you have a version of Adobe Acrobat. Please forward the following parameters to your staff members who are responsible for preparing the materials so the errors that are typical of incorrectly prepared files can be precluded.