File upload

In order to provide a better and more secure service to our customers, we operate an interface (Prinect Portal) that you can simply use with an Internet browser instead of submitting jobs through a conventional FTP server. In this way you can upload files to us just as easily as you would to an FTP server. The only thing you need is a web browser and a one-off registration before the first use of the service!

Benefits of Prinect Portal

  1. Using Prinect Portal, uploaded files are linked directly to the order data, so there is no misunderstanding and no file search.
  2. The system sends automatic e-mail notifications to customers about important events (job creation, file checking, aproving).
  3. Customers can monitor the processing of their files.
  4. All actors involved in the file delivery process (customer, graphic designer, printing house contacts and prepress operators) are informed about events, errors and corrections simultaneously and immediately.

Prinect Portal File Release Phases

Registration is required only once at the beginning of the collaboration. The existing username and password can then be used for all jobs.

At the moment of processing the order, a job is automatically created in the Portal system where you can upload the print-ready PDF files. We will send you an email notification about the start of the job.

When the PDF files uploaded to the system then they are automatically preflighted and an automatic email notification is sent about the results.

Approval means customer control. To do this, the system displays an image of the processed PDF file in the Portal interface. This image can be approved or rejected. Once all pages are approved, production can begin. Registered users will be notified by e-mail about the aproval request.