Printing House’s responsibility

Our printing house agrees to realize the Customer’s ideas according to international standards.It is the printing house’s responsibility to process ready-to-print files submitted by the Customer with due care and professional expertise, and to fully reproduce their contents, achieving the same quality as that of the submitted material.

The maximum achievable quality depends on the type of paper used in printing the given job. Properties of paper categories and the range of colors that can be reproduced on them can be simulated through the use of ICC color profiles defined in the ISO standard. Achieving the quality specified in the standard is the responsibility of the printing house.

The printing house is not responsible for checking the contents of the submitted materials.

Also, the printing house is not responsible for errors in the submitted files that cannot be found by means of software based verification or that are not considered errors in terms of the technology used.

Customer’s responsibility

It is the customer’s responsibility to supply all the information required for the completion of the ordered work, by the agreed upon deadline, including the print-ready files.The files should be created according to the technological and technical requirements specified by the printing house.

The Customer is responsible for the contents of the files (PDF), and for this reason please make sure that you check your files carefully before submitting them.